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Converge and connect in Pittsburgh

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May 2008

Heather recently had the pleasure of presenting at the annual conference of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) in Pittsburgh, PA.

Heather presented on building an independent information professional business

Heather was honoured to receive the Myra T. Grenier award from AIIP at the Conference. The award assists a new independent information professional to attend their first AIIP conference.

Photo courtesy of Ed Vawter, President AIIP

Heather was also delighted to receive support from the South Australian Government through their Market Access Program. The program assists small business owners to develop their export services by attending international events where strong connections are made.

AIIP is an association of some 600 information professionals specialising in providing research and consulting services across a wide variety of industries.

The strength of AIIP is its broad coverage of industry specialists, and the support of the members to help one another succeed as information professionals.

The Pittsburgh conference attracted independent information professionals with specialist research expertise in such diverse fields as aeronautical engineering, competitive intelligence, patent research, financial services, through to growing local economies.

The conference provides plenty of opportunities to meet and share experiences on being independent information professional with colleagues from around the world. There are many roundtable sessions to share ideas on developing an information business and learning new approaches to researching fields of interest, such as competitive intelligence, small business and primary research.

AIIP is strongly supported by leading online service providers, with vendors providing in depth training sessions on their new services. It is also an opportunity to attend workshops presented by leading business researchers, such as Mary Ellen Bates.

The AIIP Conference is a credit to its small, dedicated membership that devote many hours of their business time to organise and attend the five day conference each year.



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