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Heather wins FUMSI Citation for Most Useful Article

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December 2007Heather awarded the FUMSI citation.

Free Pint Limited has announced Heather Carine as the winner of the FUMSI (Find, Use, Manage, Share Information) Citation for Most Useful Article, presented in conjunction with the company’s celebration of its 10th year of publishing.

The award was announced at the recent Online Information 2007 exhibition in London.

Nominations were received through mid-November and named many of the eligible articles — those published in the FreePint Newsletter between December 2006 and September 2007.

FreePint editors reviewed the nominations and selected Heather Carine’s article, ‘Mentors and Mentees: Structuring a Professional Relationship‘, as the winner.

Heather, an independent information consultant based in Australia, was not able to accept her award in person. However, her mentor, Amelia Kassel, was there and able to accept on her behalf.

Heather sent remarks ahead of time for Amelia to share with the crowd assembled for the announcement.

‘I am delighted, and honoured, to be awarded the FUMSI Citation from Free Pint for my article. I am particularly touched that Amelia Kassel can accept this award on my behalf, as we were introduced via FreePint, and our mentoring relationship was the basis for my article.


‘In September 2005, I read an article in the FreePint Newsletter by Amelia, outlining her mentoring program for independent information professionals. Amelia and I live on opposite sides of the world and haven’t met, but her mentoring and careful guidance was the step that I needed to move into a new role as a freelance researcher.


‘In late 2006 when I saw an opportunity to become involved in a mentoring program by the South Australian Branch of the Australian Information and Library Association, I jumped at the chance. Having recent experience as a mentee helped me to move into the role as a mentor, with some idea as to the expectations of the mentor and mentee.


‘I was very pleased to share my experience as a mentee and mentor with a broader audience through FreePint, particularly as FreePint had been pivotal in introducing me to my mentor.’

Heather received a one-year subscription to VIP magazine, and the individuals who nominated her article received a one-year subscription to FUMSI, Free Pint Limited’s newest publication.


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