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Helping self-sufficient searchers

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January 2013

Our online world has produced a generation who are self-sufficient when it comes to searching and finding what they need online.

The generation of self-sufficient searchers isn’t defined by age, but by their ease and comfort at finding their own online information, goods and services, at their own convenience and without needing to ask for help from anyone.

Information professionals are in the same camp as many other occupations that need to attract and retain a client based of sophisticated and well informed searchers.

Here are some tips to help you stay connected and relevant to the generation of self-sufficient searchers:

  • Do you know what the self-sufficient searchers’ want?
    It is always a good time to get a better understanding of what your client base wants, and to find out if you are providing what they need, and how you can improve.
  • Ask a few questions
    You don’t need to do an expansive client market research survey – just ask a few pertinent questions, either in person, to a group of users, over the phone or via online survey.
  • Review & plan
    Your market research will reveal some insightful findings, such as how your client base looks for information you provide, and interacts with your service, compared with other services. Start planning for how your service can be improved, based on your new market knowledge about your service and your important clients.
  • Adjust your settings
     If there are a few easy changes that you can implement your service, based on the feedback received – implement the changes quickly.
  • Guide a light
    As an observation, people who consider themselves to be sophisticated online users, have little tolerance for online resources that can’t be mastered in minimal time. You can always be reviewing your services to see if they are easy to use, and are also offering guidance on helping your client base to use your services and improve their skills.
  • Share your plan
    For bigger, more expensive changes, such as additional resources, upgraded technology or tailored responses – work out a plan and share the story of the planned changes.
  • Market, market, market
    Remember, you are trying to not only attract, but also retain a client base that prides itself in not needing to ask for assistance. Try a range of different ways to reach your current and potential client base.
  • Good friends stay in touch
    Don’t just stay in touch with your client base when you want to promote, sell or send a reminder. Keep in touch to stay in touch with what is happening with your clients.



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