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Matching the device to the reader

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September 2011

Knowing how your research client prefers their research to be packaged and delivered has been a staple requirement for researchers’ for many years.

Being able to tie in your research delivery package to your client’s preferred way of receiving information, is now very dependent to which device your client will be using to read your research.

Linda Moore, Senior Information Specialist from CCH has written a helpful white paper on Legal Professionals & Mobile Devices .

The paper is a neat overview of the first and second preferred PC or mobile device for skimming, reading or accessing information to produce information, and the preferred time or location to access the information.

While the paper is dedicated to the legal profession, the findings are likely to carry over to many other occupations with a thirst for information.

In summary, lawyers prefer to access their information using the following devices:

Activity Preferred device Secondary device Preferred time / location
Email & calendar Smartphone Laptop / PC Before work; downtime,
eg commuting
Current awareness / monitoring news Smartphone Laptop / PCTablet During available downtime,eg commuting, breaks
Sustained / longer reading Print Laptop / PCTablet / e-reader Office hoursLonger periods of downtime
Accessing information to produce information Laptop / PC Print At office during office hours
Portable reference – quick facts Tablet / print Smartphone / laptop During meetings, other activities away from the desk


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