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Using market intelligence for starting and growing companies
Another great night of good practical sharing from a professional who makes a living from gaining insights into markets. Thanks Heather!

MI-5: Market intelligence in 5 steps
Icons Alliance business breakfast series, Oct 2015.   Read more on MI-5.

I really enjoyed your presentation …very thought provoking.

Great presentation by @HeatherCarine

Knowledge Management:  Tips, Tricks & Trends
Law Society of South Australia, Continuing Professional Development, March 2015

Really engaging and interesting presentation.

Careers forum
South Australian Library and Information Network, Adelaide, November 2014 Panel speaker at the SALIN careers forum.

Mastering market intelligence
Guest lecture to Flinders University, School of Business MBA students, Adelaide, September 2014

Making the C.A.S.E. for legal industry information professionals
90 minute workshop to legal industry information professionals, Adelaide, September 2014 How do you make your case, and communicate your value as a vital information professional, when information is everywhere? This workshop is a great opportunity for information professionals to come away with solid tips, ideas and strategies on

  • How you can communicate your value as a leading information professional.
  • How you can shape your future in a rapidly changing profession.
  • How you can make your case for resources and recognition.
Well researched and well presented workshop – good mix of informality and formality.

Tips for the tongue tied and terrified to tame their speaking nerves
Workshop for the Penguin Club of Australia, June 2014

Useful, practical tips with simple techniques, easy to apply and covering all possibilities from a presenter who was able to bring in her own personal experience nationally and internationally.

Mastering market intelligence masterclass
Delivered online to private client, February 2014 A practical masterclass focusing on:

  • Finding your way around market intelligence information
  • Strategies for finding business insights on companies & industries
  • Packaging & delivering results

Supersearcher research tips
Guest lecture to Flinders University, School of Business MBA students, Adelaide, October 2013

Facilitation – a key skill for meeting success
Presentation to the Penguin Club of Australia triennial convention on running facilitated meetings for small groups. Melbourne, 7 September 2013

Your session on ‘facilitation skills’ was very interesting and informative. Julie Gameau, National Executive Officer, The Penguin Club of Australia

Handy tips for presenting with confidence
Co-presentation with Joelie Cook, Fisher Jeffries on helping speakers to feel at ease, engage with an audience and enjoy their speaking opportunities. Presentation to Australian Law Librarians’ Association members in South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, 14 August 2013

Clearly presenting with confidence is a great skill for librarians to have in their toolkit. Heather walked us through the steps to take in the lead up to a public speaking commitment, and tips to help present with confidence on the day.   Heather embodied these tips throughout the session, ably assisted by Joelie Cook who reinforced the steps with examples from a recent public speaking event she undertook. Jane Bishop, Federal Court, South Australian Law Librarians’ Bulletin, Nov 2013

Handy tips for presenting with confidence
Tips session to information professionals on helping speakers to feel at ease, engage with an audience and enjoy their speaking opportunities. 27th Annual Association of Independent Information Professionals Conference Denver, CO, 6 April 2013

“One of the best parts of the Conference, especially Heather’s public speaking session.”

Is your website working for you?
Presentation to 100+ information professionals at the AIIP Conference, speaking on 7 tips for improving web site content . 27th Annual Association of Independent Information Professionals Conference, Denver, CO, April 6 2013

“10/10. On target & applicable.”   “Awesome – especially like Heather’s 7 points.”   “Great tips from Heather on content.”

Developing your facilitating skills
Presentation on developing your facilitating skills at the Penguin Club of Australia Workshop on Learn how to create a Win-Win Situation. Farrell Flat, 17 March 2013

Preparing for speaking
Presentation on ‘preparing for speaking’ at the Penguin Club of Australia Workshop on Learn how to stand up and be heard. Adelaide, 2 February 2013

10+ tips for finding business information
Half-day presentation to information professionals from university libraries, engineering, law firms, Queensland government and legal and business publishing. Brisbane, Sept 12 2012.

This lively half day seminar was full of practical tips for finding business information including:

“Excellent, especially the paper and powerpoint to continually access and be aware of sources.  Thank you very much.”

Business Research Tips
Guest lecture to Flinders University, School of Business MBA students, Adelaide, August 2012 At the invitation of Max Smith, Faculty Associate Dean (International and Community) at Flinders Business School, Heather presented to MBA students majoring in international business. Heather shared some lifelong research tips, to save time and zero in on finding reliable business information.

 “I received positive feedback on your talk last night.  Most students found the material very useful.” Max Smith, Faculty Associate Dean (International and Community), Flinders Business School, Adelaide, SA, August 2012

Business Research
Presentation for the Australian Law Librarians’ Association (SA Div.) and ALIA Special Libraries (SA) covering practical tips for finding business information and developing an effective research approach. Adelaide, South Australia, 8 Nov 2011

“Excellent presentation – information in a nutshell”

Business Research
Presentation for the Australian Law Librarians’ Association (NSW) covering helpful, practical tips on finding reliable business information within your budget and tips for free, pay per use and subscription sources for business research. Sydney, 30 June 2011

 “Session made me think about how I am researching, and how I can improve it to make the process more efficient & effective”

Effective approaches to research within an academic environment
A half day workshop for the National Higher Education Officers’ Forum Sebel Surry Hills, Sydney, 12 Nov 2010

“Personal delivery of workshop was very inclusive”

Business Research Tips workshop and Tips for advanced researchers workshop
Half day workshop to members of Australian Law Librarians Association and Melbourne Business Information Group. Melbourne, 29 September 2010

“Very impressive delivery and great to contemplate on the major issues that make or break the profession”

Panel facilitator for the topic – “Women – who are we”
Penguin Club of Australia Inc, Triennial Convention Adelaide, 11 September 2010

You showed excellent facilitation skills ensuring the answers from the panel were to the point and giving each participant the opportunity to reply to question suited to their field of experience.   Pat Booth, Convention Co-ordinator

Building and Growing an IIP Business: Taking the Global View
24th Annual Association of Independent Information Professionals Conference Cleveland, OH,  April 29 – May 2 2010

Business Intelligence for librarians (Half day workshop)
Australian Law Librarians Association satellite event Perth, 17 September 2008

Heather drew together many strings of the research process which I encounter and “added value” to my knowledge with excellent exposition and strategies.

Building an independent information professional business
22nd Annual Association of Independent Information Professionals Conference Pittsburgh, PA, April 30 – May 4 2008

Promoting your research expertise – workshop
Management Strategies for Library and Information Service Centres conference – Ark Group Sydney, 19 – 21 September, 2007

Knowledge Management tips for building the profile and reputation of your team Gurteen Knowledge Café Adelaide, 30 May 2007

The mentor and mentee experience
Australian Law Librarians’ Association (SA) Adelaide, 5 March 2007

Finding a balance between technology and people
Demonstrating the Value of Knowledge Management Conference, Ark Group North Sydney, 22 – 23 November 2006

Knowledge management in a legal environment:  looking back and looking forward
Australian Law Librarians’ Group (SA) Adelaide, 12 September 2005

Applying knowledge management in law firm alliances
Asia Pacific Special, Health & Law Librarians’ Conference Adelaide, 27 Aug. 2003

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