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Researching Australian industries

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June 2008

Researching Australian industries and markets covers a wide range of research briefs, from compiling industry profiles on the main players, market demographics, industry trends through to queries on market strategies.

Heather recently spoke to Kitty Delaney, Business Researcher, Ernst & Young on strategies for searching Australian business content for an article published in Searcher magazine in May 2008.

Kitty advises clearly understanding the research requirements and being adventurous in tracking down missing information is the key to Australian industry research. Before starting any research, try to ascertain:

  • What industry / market / company information is needed?
  • What is the information being used for?
  • What information results are expected?
  • Who are the leading commentators in this area?
  • Can specialists be contacted? Can the nature of the project be outlined to specialists if they are contacted?

Kitty’s usual approach for finding the required industry information is to:

  • Start with Australian industry market research sources, such as IBISWorld.
  • Cross check information and gather further information on developments with press searches, using major press aggregators such as Factiva.
  • Expand and verify information from industry, trade and professional associations.
  • When necessary or permissible, interview experts to verify or expand on required information.
  • Clarify additional research steps with your client as necessary.

This month’s tip is an extract from Heather’s recent article “searching for Australian content: industries, companies, people and government”, Searcher, May 2008.

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