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Sealing the deal with persuasive business proposals

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March 2010

You can win or lose work depending on how well you write a business proposal.

A good business proposal presents a convincing case to your client. The decision makers reading your proposal need to be convinced that your organisation understands their business requirements, has strong credentials, a good pricing structure and can deliver on the proposal.

Writing a winning business proposal starts a long time before the pitch process commences, and continues well past the submission of the proposal.

In essence, successful proposal writing incorporates:

  • Understanding the pitch process
  • Identifying opportunities and issues
  • Knowing your business objectives
  • Understanding your client’s needs
  • Understanding the decision makers’ needs
  • Preparing your proposal
  • Selling your credentials
  • Checking for ease of reading
  • Reviewing the proposal and offer
  • Sealing the deal: delivering on your proposal

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