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Researching Australian industries

Jun. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000005244732XSmall_globe & newspapersResearching Australian industries and markets covers a wide range of research briefs, from compiling industry profiles on the main players, market demographics, industry trends through to queries on market strategies. Heather recently spoke to Kitty Delaney, Business Researcher, Ernst & Young on strategies for searching Australian business content for an article published in Searcher magazine in May 2008. Read more...

Searching for Australian content: industries, companies, people and government

May. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000016349571XSmall_Sydney opera houseA little local Aussie knowledge can go a long way. For some tips on finding information on Australian industries, companies, people, and government policies, I interviewed leading business, news, and policy researchers from Ernst & Young, Australian Securities Exchange, FairfaxMedia, and the Australian Parliamentary Library. These researchers cross-check many commercial and web sources, and often talk directly with experts, to find the information they need to answer their research queries. Read more...