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The importance of getting the research brief right

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Heather was commissioned by Constance Ard, a colleague from the Association of Independent Information Professionals, to write a case study on The importance of getting the research brief right – research basics from information professionals.

The Case Study was published in Corporate Libraries:  Basic Principles in a Changing Landscape, Constance Ard (Ed), Ark Group.

For this case study, four Australian corporate librarians working in diverse environments including an ASX listed company, the oil & gas industry, a global engineering consultancy, and a single office law firm, generously shared their ideas and tips for getting the research brief right.

Getting the research brief right has always been an important skill for corporate librarians.


Interpreting their colleagues’ technical information research requests, tracking down the right information, and meeting demanding time frames is all in a day’s work for corporate librarians.

Authored by Constance Ard – Corporate Libraries: Basic Principles in a Changing Landscape – provides in-depth strategic guidance on the challenges faced by corporate libraries due to the rapidly changing technological landscape, it tackles:

  • Why corporate libraries are being downsized in response to technology shifts
  • How to overcome the belief that employees can easily find the information they need themselves
  • Key areas corporate librarians need to work on in order to continue enhancing the value they deliver

With contributions, interviews, case studies and insight from information professionals with over 40 years’ experience in the field, including:

  • Marydee Ojala, editor-in-chief, Online Searcher
  • Ulla de Stricker, knowledge management consultant, de Stricker Associates
  • Heather Carine, principal, Carine Research
  • Jacqueline D. Bartek, library services and resource specialist, Asphalt Institute
  • Brenda Stenger, senior manager, Abbott’s Library Information Resources (LIR)
  • Wendy Hamilton, manager of global content management, AbbVie Library

Corporate Libraries: Basic Principles in a Changing Landscape covers topics including:

  • An in-depth look at the changes and innovations in technology and their use through library services
  • Big data’s Impact and the part the librarian plays in making big data usable
  • Personality traits, leadership and communication skills of the modern corporate librarian
  • Re-examining the basics of library service – Collect, organize, disseminate, and train
  • The relationship between knowledge workers and information professionals and their broader role in corporate initiatives
  • Evaluating internal and external knowledge and information resources
  • Corporate libraries and information services role in competitive advantage, product development, and corporate decision making

Each chapter features a ‘Back to basics’ section consolidating the topics covered providing readers with actionable points that can immediately be implemented to gain ‘quick wins’


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