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3 quick tips for 2015

Dec. 3rd | Posted by 0 comments

By Heather Carine

Keep it short and sharp, has been the message from 2014.Time friendly

Research Tips has been shorter in 2014, with less postings being read by more people.

Thank you for reading Research Tips throughout the year and for your support and generous comments.

Here are three time friendly research tips from 2014 to keep building on in 2015 and beyond.

The art of getting a better question to answer
If ever there was a time to hone your skills at getting to the essence of the matter, it is now.

In a case study I wrote for Ark Group in 2014, information professionals shared their stories about the range of skills they bring together to get the research brief right.

Delivering insightful research brings builds on getting the research brief right.  More than just asking a lot of questions, getting the research brief relies on:

  • excellent communication skills to build rapport
  • understanding the information-rich work environment in which colleagues work
  • empathy for the frustrations colleagues experience finding information
  • linking colleagues to information and experts
  • analysing and distilling information results
  • presenting information findings that add insight to the research
  • coaching on research skills and how to use and get the most from a company’s online resources
  • time and project management
  • knowing when to stop
  • promoting the value of research to attract the next research project.

Make your case
When information is everywhere, how do information professionals make their case, and communicate their value.

Time and time again, I go back to the SLA checklist of key attributes the that modern information professionals need to have at the ready to be in sync with our clients and to make the case for starting with research.  Keep your focus on:

Providing decision ready information
Keeping up your technical skills
Managing the process
Understanding the drivers
Communicating your value.

Be a futurist
Your clients and organisations are all looking to rise above the pack.  A key attribute of high performing organisations is their ability to use information and knowledge effectively to see the future.

Market savvy information professionals play an important role in helping businesses to prepare for the future, through their ability to get to the answer, sift out the irrelevant and deliver time friendly insights

All the best for 2015. 




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