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Nourishing your business

Feb. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000005244732XSmall_globe & newspapersYour business is like a body – to survive it needs to feed and grow on new market information. The overlapping disciplines of market research, competitive intelligence and knowledge management are the food, brain and connective tissue that contribute to nourishing your business. Read more...

Stay ahead of the pack: Specialists from small firms work with restricted resources

Aug. 10th | Posted by 0 comments
Stay ahead of the pack_working with small firms_FreepintFreepint, (2006) Issue No. 211, 10 August 2006 I have spent my career in large organisations, undertaking research for specialists. Being well informed is vital for specialists, and I have played a key role in that. However, specialists from small organisations are just as adept at keeping themselves up to date through their tightly focused […] Read more...

Book review: Knowledge management and the Smarter Lawyer

Apr. 5th | Posted by 0 comments
Knowledge management and the smarter lawyer_Book reviewGretta Rusanow has succeeded in writing a knowledge management book that is full of practical and helpful ideas that are matched with realistic and persuasive case studies. Rusanow has written numerous articles on knowledge management and is a frequent guest speaker on the topic. With a background in precedent management and consulting, she is now the Chief Executive of Curve Consulting, a firm that specialises in advising law firms and legal departments on knowledge management. In 2001, Rusanow undertook a comparative study of the knowledge management approach of law firms in Australia, the U.K. and U.S. to identify some of the key issues in advancing knowledge management in law firms. This was one of the first comparative studies that focussed on law firms, and although brief, it served to fill a gap in quality analysis of law firm knowledge management. Read more...

Applying knowledge management in law firm alliances

Sep. 5th | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000014937781XSmall_what you need to knowStrategic alliances are formed between law firms to gain from their business partner’s market, client or legal expertise in some way, yet very little research exists on how alliances use knowledge management to benefit from the knowledge held within the alliance. The following paper is based on the results of study that I undertook in 2002 for the Master of Business (Information Technology) at RMIT. The study looked at how law firms in competitive strategic alliances use knowledge management within their alliance compared to the knowledge management approach adopted by the individual firms that form the alliance. Read more...