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Mile High City low down

May. 21st | Posted by 0 comments
Heather Carine receiving Pam Wegmann award, AIIP Denver 2013The Mile High City (aka Denver, CO) was the perfect high altitude location for over one hundred independent information professionals to gather recently for their annual conference. The Association of Independent Information Professionals’ (AIIP) conference always has a strong focus on collaboration - sharing tips, ideas and lessons learned to help one another to build a thriving independent information professional business. Read more...

Is your website working for you?

May. 15th | Posted by 0 comments
Review of "Is your website working for you?" AIIP Connections, June 2013In April, Heather delivered a presentation in Denver, CO with Charlene Burke ( and Ed Vawter ( on tips for building and rebuilding company websites. Very well recieved, audience comments included, "I am redoing my website, first thing! Enough said!" Read more...

Let’s hear from our panel

Aug. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000005244732XSmall_globe & newspapersIf a topic is too complex for one person to handle, bring in a panel of experts to tackle the tricky topic. Panel discussions can be a wonderful opportunity to hear some stimulating, engaging and insightful observations from panellists. Q & A panels have now taken on a new life, with their fusion of panellists responding to questions from the audience in the room, and from an online audience, coupled with direct comments on the Q&A discussion via twitter. Read more...

Your online presence

May. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000005244732XSmall_globe & newspapersHow well does your online presence represent your organisation and your experienced staff? The first place most people check to get to know your organisation, your reputation or, maybe, who you are connected to is your online presence. Increasingly, you are what you write for an online audience. Read more...

Web 2.0 in two minutes

Apr. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000005244732XSmall_globe & newspapersWeb 2.0 is the umbrella term used to describe some new collaborative web tools that are proving to be extremely popular. It's the web that fits perfectly with our desire to share our creative output in words, pictures, video or sounds to a connected world. Read more...