Carine Research


Carine Research is a market intelligence and investigative research service.

If you are looking for insightful information for growing your business, attracting funds and avoiding risk, Carine Research can help with tailored and credible market intelligence.

Start-ups, big name brands, corporate advisors, lawyers and forensic investigators turn to Carine Research for clear, thorough and reliable research insights.

“Heather Carine was able to assist us in capturing hard data on our market which we have used since to attract funds and customers to our business.”

Jordan Green, Managing Director, Jemsoft

Meet Heather Carine

Heather Carine_ThumbnailHeather Carine is the founder of Carine Research and an expert in market intelligence and investigative research.

In 2006, Heather established Carine Research, building on her experience as a corporate researcher, knowledge manager and marketing advisor in professional service firms and investment banking.

Heather works with:

  • start-ups to attract funding and customers
  • SMEs and big name brands in medical devices, energy, healthcare, manufacturing and consulting companies eyeing their competitive business environment to seize opportunities
  • lawyers and corporate investigators in protecting IP, managing reputation and detecting fraud.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Business (Information Technology) from RMIT University, where she was honoured for her academic work.

Heather is a well regarded speaker on practical ways to uncover valuable market intelligence for seeing future trends, seizing opportunities and avoiding risk

  • “10/10. On target & applicable.”
  • “Awesome – especially like Heather’s 7 points.”
  • “Great tips from Heather on content.”

Association of Independent Information Professionals Conference delegates, Denver, CO

She is proud to have been honoured by her professional community for her ongoing work contributing to the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP).

  • Pam Wegmann International Award (2012)
  • Volunteer recognition (2011)
  • Writer’s Award – best original article published in AIIP Connections (2009)
  • Myra Grenier Award – aspiring independent information professional (2008)