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The business of getting a better question to answer

Apr. 16th | Posted by 0 comments
Photo by Constance ArdIf ever there was a time to hone your skills at getting to the essence of the matter, it is now. With information users overwhelmed with information overload, and needing to sift through too much irrelevant material to find a few nuggets of insight, the ability to drill down to the essence of the matter, is a valuable skill. Read more...

The importance of getting the research brief right

Apr. 16th | Posted by 0 comments
Photo by Constance ArdGetting the research brief right has always been an important skill for corporate librarians. Interpreting their colleagues’ technical information research requests, tracking down the right information, and meeting demanding time frames is all in a day’s work for corporate librarians. Read more...

Recent speaking gigs

Feb. 27th | Posted by 0 comments
Photo by Mark Goldstein.Heather has recently been speaking to audiences in Australia and the US sharing some practical tips for finding what you need, when you need it for business. Read more...

Overloaded & underwhelmed

Feb. 21st | Posted by 2 comments
Business comparison graph_iStock_000005308410SmallIn 2014, professions are focussing on value, according to the recent results of the BRW/Beaton Client Choice Awards. The BRW/Beaton Client Choice Awards are a major review of the perceptions of over 41,000 clients engaging with Australian professional service firms in management consulting, law, accounting and consulting engineering. Within firms, information professionals have the same concerns about how their services are valued by their colleagues. Read more...

More from less in 2013

Dec. 4th | Posted by 0 comments
More signAustralia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has identified ‘more from less’ as being one of the six mega trends that change the way that we live and work. Research Tips readers are in the midst of the upheaval in the information world and working in an environment of delivering more with less. Read more...