Carine Research

Market intelligence research sources

Market intelligence is drawn from a wide range of sources, including the following:

Free / low fee company profile / news sources

Australian companies

Helpful free to low cost sites for an overview on Australian companies.

International sources:

Market research

    Australian company & industry research reports.  Pay by credit card or subscription.
    Over 100 million reports, company snapshots and market profiles from 120+ premium business information databases.  Pay by credit card.
  • Euromonitor International
    Strategy research for consumer markets.  Pay by credit card or subscription.

Good sources for off the shelf market research, company & industry reports.

Commercial subscriptions

  • Factiva
    Part of the Dow Jones stable.  Includes thousands of curated news and information sources from nearly 200 countries.
    From 2014 – subscription only.
  • LexisNexis
    Nexis news service offers access to 1,000+ sources, vetted by LexisNexis editors as authoritative and industry relevant. Subscription only.
  • ProQuest Dialog
    Wide range of industry sources, including ProQuest Newsstand with over 1300 newspapers with a 30 year archive.
    Subscription with pay per download pricing.
    Coverage of over 50,000 Australian private and public companies.  Useful source for company profiles, financial reports, ownership structure, ratio analysis, brief director & executive profiles & known professional services relationships.
    Subscription only.
    Aggregator of company and executive profile information.  Subscription only.  Formerly known as .
  • Linkedin Premium Personal Plus subscription
    Anonymous searching, & see who has viewed your profile.  $8 per month.

 The commercial subscription sources offer advanced searching options for pinpoint searching on leading industry sources.

Company registries & stock exchanges

Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)


Industry groups

Library guides to market intelligence resources

Some helpful lists of resources & library guides compiled by librarians working in business schools, corporate libraries or large public libraries.

Recommended reading:

Financial Times / Special Libraries Association report (2013)
The evolving value of information management and And Five Essential Attributes of the Modern Information Professional.

Bensoussan & Fleisher, Analysis without paralysis, 2nd ed, (2013)