Carine Research


Carine Research can help your business with critical market intelligence to review and support:

  • market expansion
  • attracting funding
  • revising your business model
  • protecting IP & managing risk.


Carine Research helps companies at every stage of their growth, with a specialist focus on Australian market, or Australian companies engaging with international markets.

Since 2006, Carine Research has helped companies in agriculture, energy, healthcare, insurance, legal, manufacturing, medical devices and professional services to see their trends, opportunities and risks.

Start-ups need to quickly build sales and attract funding to survive.

To build a compelling case to pitch for sales or funds, Carine Research works with start-ups to dig deep into the potential customers’ industry problems and unsolved needs.

Continuous growth
Established companies need to know and monitor their business model environment to anticipate likely changes on their business.

To counter changes in the market and industry forces, and anticipate changes of key players, particularly competitors, Carine Research delves into competitors’ drivers, strategies and capabilities.

International expansion
International companies need local knowledge to expand into Australia.

For international companies seeking assurances on the reputation and integrity of key executives in their Australian business operations or investments, Carine Research thoroughly investigates public records to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Risk & IP investigations
All companies need to manage their assets and risks.

Carine Research is engaged by Australian and international corporate investigators and lawyers advising foreign investors, banks and big brands to manage their reputation, risk and regulatory requirements and protect their IP assets.

Engaging Carine Research

Carine Research services are flexible to suit your budget, in-house capacity and ongoing needs.

One-off projects:  Prompt, thorough and affordable market intelligence insights at a fixed price.

Ideal for a tailored review of your market place, competitors or risks.

Researcher on-demand:   A cost-effective, highly regard researcher with commercial sensibility to guide, support and tackle your now and then research questions.   Packages can be tailored to suit your needs.

Ideal for professional service firms, business accelerators and industry groups with intermittent projects.