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Babette Bensoussan
Competitive Intelligence Expert |  Best Selling Author 

Heather Carine has worked with me on a number of projects around competitive intelligence and market intelligence. She has each time shown herself to be highly resourceful, adaptable, able to capture the necessary information and identify opportunities for further information.


For a successful war gaming or strategy review workshop, I can rely on Heather for prompt market intelligence research and her relevant & up to date competitor reports ensures executives participating in the workshops are better informed about their competitors.


Heather has been a valuable contributor to our client projects and I have been confident in recommending Heather to a number of colleagues.

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Dr Paul Pers, Director, FORE cms
Heather Carine brought to the return to work research project a sound understanding of medical research, insurance and due diligence.  She produced a report that suited medical and insurance professionals, and future commercial partners of FORE.

FORE is an Australian company focused on addressing the problem of under-performance in the insurance industry and employment sector.  Their core product is a software program which provides tools for claims management staff to better manage claims.

Established by two medical professionals and a behavioural specialist from the insurance industry, the trio bring their decades of experience dealing with accident and return to work claims

FORE has developed a technology solution that fills a performance gap and combines behavioural science and the art of influence – leading to mindset change in the work injured.

FORE harnesses the power of positive psychology, behavioural science and studies of the predictors of worklessness to drive results. FORE takes complex theories and proprietary algorithms, to deliver a simple user experience.

Needs:  As experienced medical and insurance professionals, the team at FORE knew that another accident compensation and life insurance claims management system on its own wouldn’t alter the incentives for injured/ill claimants to return to work.

FORE set out to develop a better case management system that builds on a solid platform of evidence based medical and behavioural studies on the barriers to return to work.

To satisfy potential commercial partners or customers from the medical profession and insurance companies, it was important that FORE could demonstrate the medical and behavioural evidence based studies that underpin their product’s revolutionary positive psychology and behavioural science approach to getting injured people back to work.

Solution:  Carine Research undertook a comprehensive medical literature review identifying the risks for delayed return to work in workers compensation, motor accident and personal injury sectors, and reviewed the research for the quality of evidence of the studies for each return to work factor.

From Jordan Green, Managing Director, Jemsoft

Heather Carine was able to assist us in capturing hard data on our market which we have used since to attract funds and customers to our business.”

Jemsoft was an early stage startup based in Adelaide who were awarded the Venture Catalyst Grant for their patented intelligent security system whose preventative crime solution provides access control which prevents the majority of potential perpetrators of armed holdups from entering a retail premises without inhibiting the customer experience.

Needs:  Jemsoft needed to improve their understanding of armed hold ups in the commercial & retail sector in Australia as well as existing security methods to prevent hold ups.

Solution:  Carine Research provided detailed analysis of armed hold up statistics in retail premises, the use of disguises and the cost of armed robberies for Jemsoft to attract funding and customers.