Carine Research

About us

ThemeFuse was born from the passion for the things done right in every way. Starting from the original design concepts filled with details in every pixels, continuing with the clean code of the wp themes, and finishing with the best AfterCare Support there is.

Welcome to our world, where it doesn’t matter if you have WordPress skills or not because we help each and every one of our customers to bring their online presence to live with cool features like our 1 click auto install and AfterCare Support directly from the developers of the wp themes.

We’re happy to anounce the new original WordPress theme called MyJourney developed and sold exclusively on ThemeForest marketplace. Not only that it is perfect for a personal blog or portfolio, but you can even have fun on the run by posting videos, photos, links and more by using Express App, an iPhone app made by WooThemes that can be bought for $4.99 from the apple app store. More over you can approve comments directly from the iPhone app, so it doesn’t matter if you are in the train or waiting in line at the bank, you always stay connected with your users. MyJourney wp theme comes with our popular 1 click auto install feature that installs demo content into the theme helping you understand how your new original theme works.

Of course we are always here if you have questions or encounter issues so come to our Dedicated Support Forum and drop us a line. We would love to help.