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Building an independent information professional business

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May 2008

Heather recently presented to the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) at their 22nd Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She shared her ideas on building a freelance research business through developing your profile, capitalising on your professional development investment, attracting clients to your services, and monitoring your business development targets.

Heather was honoured to be awarded the Myra T. Grant award from AIIP to assist with attending the Conference.

Profile building
Develop your personal profile and brand by:

  • learning from experts
  • understanding your potential client base and how they find their relevant information (
  • writing and presenting on practical topics that your clients value
  • keeping your name in front of clients and potential referrers
  • having an online presence that reflects your experience.

Professional development
Capitalise on your professional development by seeking opportunities where you can combine learning or teaching news skills with client development.

Client development
Clients aren’t found, they are attracted to you by:

  • demonstrating that you are capable and experienced
  • developing a strong base of supporters that can refer or recommend your services.

Business development targets
Keep a close eye on the time and expenses needed to market and deliver services to clients.


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