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Gaining support for your ideas

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January 2010

We’ve all got great ideas to help our businesses. Likewise, we all have stories to tell of our ideas being overlooked, while we watch other projects receive the attention and funding we wanted.

This year, try the following simple approach to gain support for your ideas:

A clear goal
It’s a simple rule, but be clear in your mind what you are aiming to achieve with your idea, and why it is important.

Know your audience
Who is the audience that needs to ‘buy’ your ideas or your proposal?

Build on your reputation
Take responsibility for attracting, retaining and rewarding the faith of others in your ideas.

Look for opportunities to influence
Look for opportunities to understand the current needs, frustrations and desires of your clients, and your key decision makers, and how your ideas may make things better.

Is the timing right?
Many great ideas are postponed due to changes in priorities, beyond your control. If your ideas streamline the delivery of your services, or improve the use of resources – hard times can be the ideal opportunity to get these ideas heard ahead of more flashy projects.

Talk about the benefits
It is easy to think about the features of the idea you are proposing. Clearly state what the benefits are for the people buying and applying your ideas.

Be persistent
Not all proposals are adopted the first time. Persist.

We all face challenging and difficult times gaining the support of decision makers for our ideas. However, a planned approach can improve your chances of getting your next idea adopted

Australian Law Librarian
This month’s tip is a summary of Heather’s article on “gaining support for your ideas” published in Australian Law Librarian, Vol 17(4). 2009.  UPDATE LINK


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