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Gaining support for your ideas

Sep. 5th | Posted by 0 comments

Australian Law Librarian Vol 17 No 4 2009

We’ve all got great ideas to help us to improve, streamline, or attract more users to our library.

Likewise, we all have stories to tell of our ideas being overlooked, while we watch other projects receive the attention and funding we wanted.

How do you gain support for your ideas? It’s an interesting question, and obviously not a question that is restricted to librarians. Most people, in their working life or community activities need to gain the support of others for their ideas – from the little things to large projects.

If you want to get your ideas adopted, you need to be able to successfully convince others to support your ideas or proposals. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick, one step approach for gaining support.

To start convincing others to support your great ideas, the following simple approach is a helpful guide:

  •  Clear goals
  • Audience
  • Reputation
  • Opportunities to influence
  • Timing
  • Benefits
  • Pitching your ideas
  • Persistence

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