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It’s an honour

Dec. 9th | Posted by 0 comments

Heather Carine with the Joy Grant-Williams Perpetual Shield

Heather Carine was delighted and honoured to receive the Joy Grant-Williams Perpetual Shield from The Penguin Club of Australia in South Australia for her outstanding contribution in 2014.

The Penguin Club gives women the opportunity to develop their communication skills.

Each year, the Penguin Club in South Australia awards the Joy Grant-Williams shield to the Outstanding Member of the Year.

Heather Carine received the award in recognition of her encouragement and enthusiasm to other members, introduction of innovative ideas, presentation of memorable speeches to her group and setting up a new group for young women.

She is a former President of City Group, and currently serves on the South Australian Regional Executive Committee, mentor for City Group and facilitator for the Hutt Street Group.

About The Penguin Club:
The Penguin Club is a speaking club for women, with a vision to empower women by giving them guidance and opportunities to develop the confidence and communication skills needed to hold office in business and community organisation, or to fulfil their personal goals.

In over 30 groups across Australia, our members practice prepared and impromptu speeches, participate in workshops, gain experience in running meetings and confidence in communicating



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