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Joining forces

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July 2010

Research projects often need the input of several researchers. If you are working as part of a research team, here are a few tips to consider for bringing the project in on time and meeting expectations.

Set and ask for clear direction
If managing, or participating in a joint research project, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what is required. Make sure you have clear direction on what is required, time frame, budget, how the research results are to be compiled and presented, and the next steps involved in the project.

Be realistic
Be realistic in estimating the amount of time needed to complete the research tasks that are required. For very tight timeframes, be clear on what can be achieved within the time limits available, with resources and budget available.

Check in
Keep in touch with your research colleagues during the project to keep one another up to date on how the project is progressing.

Be responsive and flexible
Aim to build in quick responses to problems that occur during the project, and build in some flexibility for likely scenarios that may occur if the project steps don’t go according to plan.

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