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Opportunities in a changing world

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Image of article from AIIP Connections, December 2008AIIP Connections, December 2008

Selling independent research services can be a difficult task in a buoyant economy, let alone in an economy that has temporarily lost its confidence.

Many commentators – and AIIP members – are saying that uncertain times offer an ideal opportunity to review and improve one’s business strategy and operations, to suit the current conditions and prepare for the coming years.

Now would be a good time to take a fresh look at your business strategy, operations, and selling points to continue attracting and securing the clients you want.

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Heather Carine was awarded the 2009 Connections Writer’s Award from the Association of Independent Information Prfoessionals for this article.  The Award is given to to the writer of the best original article published in AIIP Connections each year. 

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