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Local and global mentoring

Jun. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000005244732XSmall_globe & newspapersMentoring brings together an experienced practitioner, and importantly, a mentee who is ready and willing to benefit from this exchange to enrich their professional development. Heather recently had an article published in on her experience being both a mentor to an Adelaide based librarian and a mentee in an international mentorship program for freelance researchers. Read more...


Mentors and Mentees: Structuring a Professional Relationship

May. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
Mentors & mentees_Freepint articleIn the past year, I have been both a mentee and have become a mentor. My long-distance mentor helped me to make the change from being a full-time information services manager to becoming a freelance researcher. The opportunity to learn from my mentor and to share my knowledge with my mentee has been an enriching experience. It's a pleasure to share with the FreePint community some insights into what to expect if you are considering becoming involved in a mentoring arrangement. For confidentiality, many of my examples will be generic, rather than drawn from specific discussions with my mentee. In turn, I am using my corporate library experience to a help a colleague from a public library work towards some of her professional goals. Read more...