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The joy of Twitter

May. 18th | Posted by 0 comments

May 2012

Ah, the joy of Twitter. There is something wonderful about a product, application, movement – call it what you like – that shouldn’t work, but it does.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a very good drip feed of information and stories that can satisfy both the information hungry and information overloaded.

The joy of Twitter is its ability to feed me, inform me, entertain me, and promote me without overwhelming me.

Feed me
A quick read through twitter posts, feeds me with regular updates from important sources of information for daily work life. It’s quick, easy to read, but not overwhelming.

Inform me
Organisations have embraced Twitter to alert followers to important developments. Its currency of information and rapid sharing of posts, has made it an essential tool for information seekers and sharers.

Entertain me
Looking for a useful quick break during the day – read through your twitter updates. It never fails to alert you to a useful, funny or unexpected piece of information.

Promote me
Everyday more businesses, government departments and agencies, community groups and people are using Twitter to promote themselves. It’s simple, easy, cheap and quick.

Twitter is a few words, said by many, amounting to a lot.


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