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Heather receives Achievement Honour

Jun. 25th | Posted by 1 comments
Heather Carine accepting Penguin Club Certificate of Achievement award_croppedIn Adelaide, South Australia, AIIP member Heather Carine was honoured with a Certificate of Achievement from The Penguin Club, a public speaking group for women. The Penguin Club Certificate of Achievement recognises the contributions made by a member in community and professional life, using her speaking skills developed in The Penguin Club. Read more...

Facilitating – a key skill for meeting success

Sep. 12th | Posted by 0 comments
Strategy is based on assumptionsWith facilitation playing an increasing role in meetings in the workplace, community and government, Heather presented a session on facilitating - a key skill for meeting success. Facilitation is not just another way to run a meeting. Facilitation helps to strengthen the connections within groups, which is vital for the success of any group. Read more...

Handy tips for presenting with confidence

Jun. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
tipsAt the AIIP Conference in Denver, CO, Heather delivered a tips session sharing some handy tips for new and experienced speakers to help them to feel at ease, engage with an audience and enjoy their speaking opportunities. "One of the best parts of the Conference, especially Heather’s public speaking session." Read more...

Is your website working for you?

May. 15th | Posted by 0 comments
Review of "Is your website working for you?" AIIP Connections, June 2013In April, Heather delivered a presentation in Denver, CO with Charlene Burke ( and Ed Vawter ( on tips for building and rebuilding company websites. Very well recieved, audience comments included, "I am redoing my website, first thing! Enough said!" Read more...

Rocky Mountain Recharge

Feb. 14th | Posted by 0 comments
DenverCome April, Heather will be off to Denver, CO to recharge at the annual AIIP Conference. Heather will be presenting at the conference on "is your website working for you" and a practical rountable tips session on "tips for presenting with confidence". Read more...