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Informing the high performing

Jun. 26th | Posted by 0 comments

Business comparison graph_iStock_000005308410SmallBy Heather Carine

High performing organisations have been envied and analysed for a long time to work out what makes them rise above the pack.

There are assorted lists of characteristics for high performing organisations which get bandied about, depending on which think tank, industry group or consulting firm has been analysing the HPOs, always starting with leadership at the top of the list.

The government sector uses a strong list of the key characteristics and building blocks of HPOs, with relevance to the business community.

High performing organisations are:

  • Well lead
  • Built on clear values
  • Strategic
  • Innovative and continually improving
  • Use information and knowledge effectively
  • Engage their workforce and stakeholders
  • Customer and citizen focused
  • Accountable
  • Focus on results

Using information and knowledge effectively, is pivotal to the success of high performing organisations.

Global Intelligence Alliance describes organisations with mature, world class market intelligence processes, deliverables, and culture in place as being ‘futurists’.

To be high performing and futurists in their understanding of their market, organisations need a focussed intelligence scope, systematic monitoring, intuitive tools, insightful deliverables and a culture that looks outwards and adjusts their offerings to their rapidly changing market.


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