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The business of getting a better question to answer

Apr. 16th | Posted by 0 comments
Photo by Constance ArdIf ever there was a time to hone your skills at getting to the essence of the matter, it is now. With information users overwhelmed with information overload, and needing to sift through too much irrelevant material to find a few nuggets of insight, the ability to drill down to the essence of the matter, is a valuable skill. Read more...

The importance of getting the research brief right

Apr. 16th | Posted by 0 comments
Photo by Constance ArdGetting the research brief right has always been an important skill for corporate librarians. Interpreting their colleagues’ technical information research requests, tracking down the right information, and meeting demanding time frames is all in a day’s work for corporate librarians. Read more...

Connecting the little dots

Aug. 7th | Posted by 0 comments
Porter's 5 forces:  Designed by Greg EmmerichResearch is all about connecting lots and lots of little dots to find the answer. People in business are often looking for granular information, which isn’t obvious or easy to find, to help to support or challenge their business ideas, strategies, or proposals. Read more...

Talking about research

Sep. 28th | Posted by 0 comments
Sharing ideasWhen researchers come together, they gain from the experience of talking about research. In research, there is always a lot of discussion about new sources, new user interfaces, and pricing. There isn’t a lot of discussion about how researchers use the range of sources available to find the answers they need quickly and easily. In [...] Read more...

MBA tips

Aug. 23rd | Posted by 1 comments
MBAA recent invitation to deliver a guest lecture to MBA students from Flinders University Business School, in Adelaide, was time to think about some helpful lifelong research tips for business savvy students. My top 3 research tips for the international business students were tips to save time, and find reliable information - beyond their upcoming projects, and into their working lives. Read more...