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Let’s hear from our panel

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August 2010

If a topic is too complex for one person to handle, bring in a panel of experts to tackle the tricky topic.

Panel discussions can be a wonderful opportunity to hear some stimulating, engaging and insightful observations from panellists.

Q & A panels have now taken on a new life, with their fusion of panellists responding to questions from the audience in the room, and from an online audience, coupled with direct comments on the Q&A discussion via twitter.

The appeal of Q & A panels is that they have an edge, with panellists responding to random and spontaneous questions that don’t necessarily build on the previous question.

There appears to be a trend for more Q & A panels, and often public calls for questions to be put forward to panellists.

This rise in popularity of Q & A panels, and their ideal fusion with social web, will see further developments sharing the insights that emerge in these panels to a broader online audience.

Tracking the comments and insights shared at these panels is increasingly being opened up to an online community and researchers.


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