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Making your case

Sep. 28th | Posted by 0 comments

By Heather Carine

Making the case

When information is everywhere, how do you make your case, and communicate your value as an information professional?

The FT. com / Special Libraries Association Report on the evolving value of information management is a very practical and useful guide for information professionals.

In September, I ran a workshop in Adelaide on making the case for legal industry information professionals using the FT. com / SLA report findings as a base for discussions between leading information professionals.

After the workshop, it was great to have a chance to talk to SLA President, Kate Arnold about how useful the FT. com / SLA report is, for highlighting the key attributes information professionals need to focus on for making their case.

To make your case, information professionals need to be continually developing these five essential attributes ~

1.  Providing decision ready information

2.  Keeping up your technical skills

3.  Managing the process

4.  Understanding the drivers

5.  Communicating your value.

When information is everywhere, focusing on the five essential attributes from the / SLA report is a great boost for:

Communicating your value as a leading information professional.

Shaping your future in a rapidly changing profession.

Making your case for resources and recognition.

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