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Preparing for the pitch

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August 2009

Businesses that are constantly scanning for information to understand their market place are better placed to prepare a pitch that closely corresponds to their client’s needs when it comes to pitching for business.

A business pitch can take many shapes and forms – from the thirty second chat, through to formal business proposals for major contracts or investment.

Regardless of the degree of formality associated with the pitch, in essence the seller is aiming to convince the potential buyer or investor of the benefits their product or service can deliver.

Proposal writers, MatchPoint Consulting say buyers are only looking for three things – improved return, managed risk, and future options. The trick is in understanding what your client is looking for under the broad banner of return, risk and future options.

  • Improved return can mean many things – essentially it is more of what your client wants. It could be time, money or even recognition.
  • Risk goes to the heart of providing your client with a product or service that minimises their doubt or uncertainty. What are the risk elements that concern your client? Does your organisation’s reputation, experience, market presence and standard of business processes ease your client’s uncertainty about using your service or product?
  • What sort of future options may your client be seeking from your business – service upgrades, maintenance agreements, easy to use training support or follow up access to your experts for quick advice?

Business research from online and offline sources is invaluable when it comes to understanding what your clients or investors are looking to buy from business like yours – before you pitch.


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