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Searching for hard to find business information

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November 2010

There is a lot of business information available, but a quick broad brush approach to finding it often doesn’t uncover the detailed information businesses require.

In business research, you are often looking for more detailed, specific information that will help your research client to gain a better understanding of their potential business partners, customers, or suppliers.

Quite often your research client wants to uncover information that will assist them to know what a company is planning to do in the future, to help your client prepare for buying, selling or dealing with the target company.

Here are a few tips to help you, and your research client, to find some hidden gems of information:

Start with a clear research brief
Obtain from your research client a clear direction on what specific information you are looking for.  This may cover aspects of how the information you find will be used, and also provide you with an understanding of what information your research client already knows about the search topic.

What information will be reported
Consider whether the information you are looking for is likely to be reported – either by a company through company reporting requirements, or media or other tracking sources.

This is a combination of knowing company reporting requirements, and also the main sources for reporting developments on the relevant company, such as industry groups, media, regulatory bodies, and other web 2.0 tracking sources.

For information not reported in public sources
For information that is unlikely to be reported, such as details on what is influencing a company’s decision making with regards to specific services, look to other information that will be influencing their decisions, such as recent senior staff changes, other significant decisions made in the company which help to indicate the target company’s strategic mindset.

Don’t overlook the value of getting on the phone and asking people who are likely to have an insight into the relevant company.

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