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More from less in 2013

Dec. 4th | Posted by 0 comments

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has identified ‘more from less’ as being one of the six mega trends that change the way that we live and work.

Research Tips readers are in the midst of an upheaval in the information world and working in an environment of delivering more with less.

The Financial Times / Special Libraries Association report on The evolving value of information management  was a welcomed contribution during the year, with research showing the skills and attributes modern information professionals need to prosper in the new model for information management.

In an environment of rapidly expanding information and leaner budgets, some of the key skills the FT report highlighted for professionals in the new information world are being outward looking, distilling and validating information and coaching.

During 2013, it has been a pleasure to share Research Tips that tap into the attributes we need to deliver more with less, in a constantly and rapidly changing information world.

Outward looking:
Collaborating, community and partnering are vital skills to help anyone in work today to see new opportunities, as you view your world with fresh eyes.

Some great ideas have come this year from exchanges with readers of Research Tips, clients and information professionals around the world.

For bringing the world together, many thanks to Hub Adelaide for their new co-working space, which connects, sparks and challenges all of us to dig deep and do more with less.

Distilling & validating:
In a world of information overload, distilling and validating information is a vital skill.  Better information in less time.

Connecting the little dots came from the valuable experience of attending a collaborative workshop with business and industry researchers from around the world at the Association of Independent Information Professionals ( Conference in Denver. It was a great opportunity to share and compare how we approach research – a distilling of ideas and experience.

Spice up your sources to continue getting value for money for your information sources – with a refresher checklist for testing and validating your information sources.

Revealing company quirks was a reminder to read between the lines when researching companies.

For info-pros looking to boost their training skills into coaching, some tips on helping self-sufficient searchers.

Also, some tips for presenting with confidence and facilitating meetings.

Thank you for reading Research Tips throughout the year and for your support and generous comments.

All the best for 2014.


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