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2012: The year of connections

Nov. 26th | Posted by 1 comments
2012During 2012, Research Tips has focussed on tips for managing social media research tools, the social web, and the benefits of coming together to talk about research. Read more...

Using LinkedIn to build your 3Rs

Jul. 13th | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_linkedin logoXSmallThere is an old saying that building your business comes down to the 3 Rs – you reputation, your relationships and whether you have had recent personal contact. LinkedIn can help you to highlight your experience and achievements, make connections with current and old contacts, share some recent developments with your LinkedIn community and stay connected with your contacts. Read more...

What is LinkedIn doing well?

Mar. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000005244732XSmall_globe & newspapersBack in 2007, I wrote a review of LinkedIn, describing it as “cross between a people search site and a social networking site”, and noting its rapidly growing subscriber base of over 9 million subscribers around the world. LinkedIn now has 100 million subscribers, over one million company pages, and is now much more than just a networking site. What is LinkedIn doing well? Read more...

Are you LinkedIn?

Apr. 1st | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000005244732XSmall_globe & newspapersLinkedin boldly claim that their site isn’t networking, instead “it’s what networking should be”. For users that are looking to extend their professional circle, Linkedin is a very good tool that may complement their other networking options. It is an icebreaker that may open up an extended network of people in various cities for business or employment opportunities. To get the most out of your Linkedin profile, it is suggested that Linkedin users: Read more...