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Recent speaking gigs

Feb. 27th | Posted by 0 comments
Photo by Mark Goldstein.Heather has recently been speaking to audiences in Australia and the US sharing some practical tips for finding what you need, when you need it for business. Read more...

Connecting the little dots

Aug. 7th | Posted by 0 comments
Porter's 5 forces:  Designed by Greg EmmerichResearch is all about connecting lots and lots of little dots to find the answer. People in business are often looking for granular information, which isn’t obvious or easy to find, to help to support or challenge their business ideas, strategies, or proposals. Read more...

Talking about research

Sep. 28th | Posted by 0 comments
Sharing ideasWhen researchers come together, they gain from the experience of talking about research. In research, there is always a lot of discussion about new sources, new user interfaces, and pricing. There isn’t a lot of discussion about how researchers use the range of sources available to find the answers they need quickly and easily. In [...] Read more...

10+ tips for finding business information (Brisbane)

Sep. 27th | Posted by 0 comments
Brisbane City Skyline during Blue HourHeather recently presented to information professionals in Brisbane on 10+ tips for finding business information. The attendees were from University libraries, engineering, law firms, Queensland government and legal and business publishing. Attendees said the session was: Excellent, especially the paper and powerpoint to continually access and be aware of sources. | Very insightful and enjoyable. | An excellent session. | Great refresher. Lots on new websites, and interesting discussion. | [The presentation] gave me a really good feel for how to research business information. Read more...

Business Research workshop (Sydney)

Jun. 30th | Posted by 0 comments
iStock_000016349571XSmall_Sydney opera houseIn late June, Heather presented a two hour workshop to the Australian Law Librarians' Association (NSW) in Sydney. "Session made me think about how I am researching, and how I can improve it to make the process more efficient & effective" "Well structured, and delivered by a knowledgeable person" "Very worthwhile" "Interesting, concise, valuable & thorough overview with great specific examples and hints" Read more...