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Using market intelligence for starting and growing companies

Aug. 11th | Posted by 0 comments
Strategy is based on assumptionsWhen I read Eric Ries’ book, The Lean Start-up, the phrase that stood out for me was ‘strategy is based on assumptions’. It’s human nature to be overly optimistic of the future, and underplay the difficulties of getting there, particularly when you are starting a business. That’s where market intelligence comes in. It’s a reality check for your assumptions. Read more...

Recent speaking gigs

Aug. 10th | Posted by 0 comments
HAC speaking at SALIN evntHeather has recently been speaking to audiences about using market intelligence for starting and growing companies. Read more...

MI-5: Market intelligence in 5 steps

Nov. 23rd | Posted by 1 comments
Bussiness DiscussionMI-5 is not just the UK security service. It’s also a great acronym for the 5 key steps in market intelligence. The MI-5 approach is a lean and practical way to find, manage and act on market intelligence at all stages of business growth. Read more...

It’s an honour

Dec. 9th | Posted by 0 comments
HAC with Joy Grant Williams trophy, Dec 2014Heather Carine was delighted and honoured to receive the Joy Grant-Williams Perpetual Shield from The Penguin Club of Australia in South Australia for her outstanding contribution in 2014. The Penguin Club gives women the opportunity to develop communication skills. Read more...

3 quick tips for 2015

Dec. 3rd | Posted by 0 comments
Time friendlyHere are three time friendly research tips from 2014 to keep building on in 2015 and beyond. Here are three time friendly tips from 2014 to help you hone what you are looking for, and deliver it with zing. Read more...